FIRGOS (SURINAME) N.V. , Member of the Firgos group of companies, Zwolle - Holland. The Firgos Group consists of a number of companies with a variety of world-wide activities. The Group is characterised by its strong international marketing and distribution. The friendship of those we serve is the foundation of our progress !

All firgos members manage their business independently, so they can react flexibly to market changes. At the same time, they work together to achieve more buying power, ready access to new products and markets and a strong background. All Firgos companies have one thing in common: their focus on full service and partnership. Firgos(Suriname)N.V.
Firgos (suriname) N.V. exists since 1965. Firgos (suriname) N.V. original activities were in paper, board and graphical products. Our range gradually extended to Consumer goods and Personal care products. Unilever, Nabisco, s.m. Jaleel & co. LTD, Nutricia, Ovaltine, Dagra, Local Rima, Lokal Juvet, and Biems are a few of Firgos' agencies. Firgos (Suriname) N.V. employs 47 young and dynamic personel. All the staff members are well educated, many studied at the local university. Further more, they followed several trainings at our agencies in foreign countries. Our sales crew visits our customers every day. Fysical distribution: our transportation capacity consists of 10 vans. We have ampel storage facillities.We also have direct sale at our office. Supplies are from Coast to Coast.